When a town is mostly known for its break-ins, assaults and robberies it leaves little room for a community of immigrants to break those stereotypes. Linked by a shared struggle of integration, starting a life of crime may seem like an obvious choice. However, residents of Gellerup are teaching younger generations there is a life possible outside of crime. Here, A young boy named Ahmed, right, catches a glimpse of a football game from the sidelines. A football field in Gellerup acts not only as a place for exercise, but also as a meeting ground for young and old.

After playing a game of football with some local kids, Youth-For-Youth volunteer Sabrin Al-Zaidi asks Omar Hassan and Saleh Asaad if they would like to join the youth crime prevention program's Facebook page. The page updates of planned activities and how locals can get involved in issues that are in the interests of the community of Gellerup.

Osman Egal helps Mamoun Omari hit the cue ball in a game of billiards at Kontakstedet, also known as the Contact Place, in Gellerup.

Tarek Chahrour walks pasts one of the many murals painted on the side of housing units in Gellerupparken.

Wamid Hassan, Youth-For-Youth coordinator, hands out certificates to other volunteers where they came up with ideas for new activities to reach out to youth in and outside of Gellerup.

A woman walks down a street on a foggy night in Gellerupparken.

Mohammab, Ahmed and Abraham wrestle around on the ground in a park of Gellerup.